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This site contains a comprehensive list of funeral directors that operate in the Brisbane, Logan and Redland areas. They are listed along with the attributes we believe many people consider important when it comes to choosing a funeral director to either pre-arrange their own funeral or to look after a loved one at the time of death.

Unlike many of the funeral advice sites listed on the internet that are owned by funeral companies and only list their own businesses we have listed all funeral directors that have an office in the listed areas, provided they have not asked to have their name removed from this site.

    • The role of the funeral director
    • Things you may want to consider when choosing your funeral director
    • And a few topics the consumer should be aware of


    Funeral Advice websites are not always Independent.

    If you are searching the internet for a website that lists most of the Funeral Directors in the Greater Brisbane area you need to be aware that many of them are not independent, they are owned by funeral companies that only list their own funeral businesses.

    An example of this is: www.funeral

    This website is owned by a company called Invocare which is a Multinational corporation. This site only lists the names of funeral companies which are under their banner.


    We do not pay commission to funeral directors.
    Websites such as:
    The funeral directors these sites put you in contact with, in most cases have either paid an amount of money to the owners of the websites to purchase leads in particular post code areas or they pay per lead they receive from the website company.

    Brisbane Independent Funeral Advisory Service does not ask for, or capture any personal information from anyone who visits our site. We are purely a portal for information and are not in any position to refer leads or receive commission from any funeral directing companies.